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Project Homepage:
IRC Chat: #telegard on
API Docs:
Platform: Java, JRuby
Languages: Ruby, Java, Bash, FreeMarker
Database: H2 (Included), Ruby Sequel ORM
OS Support (tested): Linux, NetBSD

Project Description
Telegard/2, also known as OpenTelegard/2 is a rewrite of the Telegard BBS software in the JRuby language. It uses a rich ANSI Console interface for user interaction, and embedded H2 database engine, and templating system for displaying menus and information.

This is an open-source project to recreate the Telegard BBS from scratch into a modern, internet ready, and standardized system.

What are the Goals?
  • Set new standards for BBS software.
  • Recreate the feel and configureability of Telegard.
  • Design using a modular architecture for easy extendability.
  • Build using modern open-standards (language, compilers, libraries, etc).
  • Make Internet Ready on both IPv4 and IPv6, and in theory any protocol stack.
  • Integrate with current internet Mail Gateways as well as support some legacy BBS networks such as FidoNET.
  • When possible, provide compatability with legacy systems or a clear migration path.

An operating sub-system is an operating system running within the boundaries of another, providing similar functionality such as User Authentication, File Services, Message Services, and access to programs. These types of systems were known as BBS or Bulletin Board Systems throughout the late 1980's and 1990's. Telegard/2 is a project to re-implement the idea of a BBS as an operating subsystem through Java and JRuby, with modernized protocols, features, and capabilities.

Will it run on Windows?
Telegard/2 is written for the Java JVM. The code itself is written to be platform independent; however, all of the programming is done on Linux Workstations. In the future, once the code reaches "RELEASE CANDIDATE" version status, it will be tested on the windows platform and if deemed feasible, either minor changes to the code or a separate Windows Build will be made available.


The following are actual screenshots of the working portions of the program. (Everyone loves screenshots!)
Login Screen

Account Lockout after X failed attempts

New User Signup Confirmation

Main Menu & Shortcut Help

File Area Menu

Sample YAML config file

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